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Great Aussie Sayings
“Everyone must have
a copy of this book and
keep the Aussie lingo
Caroline Worth Gold Coast.

My interest in Aussie slang really started when I was listening to talk back radio, you get to hear some amazing people and their stories.

Australian’s are a resilient lot, we band together through adversities, such as floods, bush fires, cyclones, and anything else mother  nature wants to throw at us. Australia’s real beauty is in our people, our culture, and our way of life, we are born of free spirit, it’s our characters that make Australia, you and me, real Aussies.


Of course we have the Great Barrier Reef, magnificent beaches, Kakadu, Tasmanian wilderness, just to name a few, but it is Aussies, that speak the lingo, that the rest of the world falls in love with.


Giddaymate was born out of an idea to discover the origin of Aussie slang. Along the journey, I researched the  history of the Australian Language, it’s full of humour, back-handed compliments, mate ship, and rhythmic disguises.


You know when you meet a real Aussie, they  will greet you with a hearty Giddaymate! They will probably ask how you are,  and then want to answer the question for you, (howzit goin? … Good?), and  before you know it they will be buying you a beer, whilst talking your ear off about sports, politics or they will rabbit on about whatever comes to mind, most of it filled with humour and delivered with full enthusiasm.

So help us keep Aussie slang alive,

hava Captain Cook, it’s a cracker of a book…
Make someone’s day and give them a laugh.
Good on ya. hava good one,

and I’ll catch ya ron…




Aussie Slang Book

Shaun O’Brien


(Proud Aussie, and all round good bloke)

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Ian Maurice

Aussie Slang Book